Manicures & pedicures using nailtiques products, you want the best for your hands and feet and only one kind of nail care is good enough for you.  For over 20 years nailtiques have been providing therapeutic hand and foot treatments to surpass all others with its award winning formula.

Manicure (includes paint) €25.00
Paraffin manicure €30.00
Nail file & polish€12.00
Nail Repair €5.00
Weekend nails €25.00
Gel nails €55.00
Gel refills €40.00
Nailtiques pedicure €40.00
This luxurious pedicure is deep cleansing, exfoliating and reconditioning for your feet.
Pedicure including Gelish polish €50.00
Gelish (soak off gel polish)
Gelish two week manicure €30.00
Pedicure & Gelish Polish€55.00
Gelish toes€30.00
Nail art (per nail) €2.50
Lusso tan
Full body lusso Tan (4 -6 hours developing) €30.00
Full body overnight tan
(minimum 8 hours developing)