Resurfacing – AntiWrinkle –Refining€75 - €80
Alpha Vital – a resurfacing and renewing facial with AHA’s to exfoliate away surface damages & old cells resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles. When performed as a course of 4, your skin’s texture, tone and yourthfulness will be restored Benefits all skin types
Anti-wrinkle – Anti fatigue – Energising€80.00
Time Resist Stem Cell – Replenish your skin with powerful actives, 22 amino acids, stem cells, peptides & nutrients. This energising treatment boosts elasticity and collagen to firm and reduce medium to deep lines and wrinkles. Clinical trials prove a 12% reduction in wrinkles after only one treatment.
Deep Pore Cleansing, Restoring and Relaxing Facial €80.00
Le Grand Classique - This personalised facial targets all your skins concerns. It balances and remineralises your skin while focusing on deep pore cleansing, with extractions. Ideal for all skin types who want to maintain a healthy, radiant skin
Improves dry, dehydrated, stressed & tired skin €75.00
This intensely hydrating facial doubles your skins hydration levels by infusing the skin layers with 2 types of hyaluronic acid. Essential nutrients increase the skins defense levels and repairs the skin’s natural barrier function. Particularly beneficial after sun exposure or thirsty skin in need of long lasting deep hydration
Anti-Oxidant, anti-pollution & detoxifying facial €70.00
Vital Defense – A vital environmental defense treatment to detoxify & conquer the damaging effects of free radicals and pollutants. A breath of fresh air for dull, tired and sluggish skins. Complexion is completely restored, radiant and healthy